Bosny Tire Shine is an extremely high gloss tire dressing spray. Just spray on your tire or rubber to give it a wet, shiny deep black looks. Gives ultimate long lasting brilliant shine that lasts for weeks. Resists water wash off or rain shower. Revitalizes, cleans and restores tyre, latex, rubber & vinyl parts. Easy to use. Just spray and walk away. No wiping necessary. Does not contain water to corrode any metal parts. Does not harm plastic, metal or rubber components.


Directions for Use :

1. Make sure tire or object is fully dry, clean and free form dirt.
2. Shake can well for 5-30 seconds.
3. Hold can 12″ away from tire and spray evenly on to the surface. No wiping is necessary.
4. Tire will become shiny and retaines wet-look for a week.
5. Can be used as often as needed.

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