A journey of 48 years is a major achievement for any institution. In fact there are any numbers of organizations that have made longer journeys. However, what makes it unique for the Neelam Trade Links Pvt Ltd; and Neelam Publications is the determination to forge ahead.

We have taken up challenges, innovated constantly, and thus had much cause of jubilation and celebration.

The secret of success lies in the ability to constantly innovate, involving ourselves in multi-faceted activities from selling to contracts, and for having a solid customer base with continuous relationships with clients and companies for 48 years.

Every phase also brought in a new direction, a new potential area of activity- the contract business, beginning with waterproofing contracts. Beginning with stray odd jobs in obscure places, refused by other established contractors, the quality of work was kept high. This, with timely completion, gave the firm a dependable reputation. The number of jobs went on increasing, and what started as a side activity became a major contributing factor. Companies like Tata Chemicals, Indian Rayon, Mundra Port, Saurashtra Cement Limited, Gujarat Sidhhee Cement Limited, Larsen & Toubro Limited, Reliance Industries Limited etc., reposed their faith, thus helping the NEELAM GROUP to ultimately become the largest water- proofing contractors of Saurashtra/Kutch area.

Today, the list of customers for waterproofing contracts make an impressive list, which includes W.R., P.W.D. Departments, Saurashtra University, Bhavnagar University, Rajkot/Bhavnagar and other Municipal Corporations and scores of private industries, buildings, the quantum now reaching more than one lakh square meters per annum.

During all these activities, the organization kept on growing in terms of number of people employed, thus necessity larger office premises too. This resulted in shifting to the current situation from 1980 onwards.

The compulsion of growing businesses, investments in stocks and contractual jobs required more and more finance, which requirement was skillfully managed in terms of better services and faster recoveries. The day to day monitoring of finance.

The customers too stood firm in their commitment and the business continued without registering any decline during the years.

We decided to concentrate on the product relating to construction industries and items which were required for its purpose, but were never exposed adequately in this part of the country.

Concentration on construction industry was found more comfortable in the sense that existing product range of paints and bituminous products, waterproofing products and contracts went well along with this industry.

Thus, it was the construction industry where the company’s future laid. A search for good products, good companies began, many companies were approached, and many products were tried, exposed to severe tests, given to people who were considered authority on the relevant subject and their opinions gathered.

Meanwhile, to meet the administrative and sales personnel requirements’ that would arise out of the need for marketing new products and concepts, recruitment was carried out as were required.

The finding of right product or companies was never easy. The matching of a right product/management/policies was as difficult as reaching the sky. The process of incorporating new products or expanding to newer vistas was certainly not as easy as was conceived.

The sight towards basic objectives was never lost, there were products from some companies which got through severe test conditions, had amicable policies and personnel, and hence the growth continued at a steady pace.

The NEELAM GROUP also ventured into the contractual business of Mastic Asphalt flooring, on bridge decks and industrial flooring, in oxygen plants and L.P.G. godowns, etc. The group acquired mastery on the subject, offering various systems, such as spark-less grade, industrial grade, acid resistant grade, etc. The quality delivered met with wide approval. The Group invested heavily into buying modern cooking ovens and tar boilers for efficient execution of work.

The NEELAM GROUP had its hand full in contractual obligations of water proofing, Mastic Asphalt, specialty coatings, acid proof brick linings, and specialty treatments of much specialized job executions involving major civi.


This was the year when everything was so easy, for the NEELAM GROUP to reach here today. The year which brought all- round growth, to say nothing of the 100% growth in these 12 months itself of the financial year. The year of great satisfaction and fulfillment. The year to be happy and jubilant about THE SILVER JUBILEE YEAR.

Now, after 47 years, this is also the time to look ahead, and prepare for the future. Growth and success brings with them responsibilities, which means great efforts to satisfy bigger expectations. There is a tremendous challenge ahead. In the new liberal industrial growth atmosphere, with the booming of the construction industry and rising expectations and demand for quick customer response and service, The NEELAM GROUP is preparing itself to shoulder the responsibility. It is backed by its years of experience, finely knitted organizational structure, committed staff, sound and ably managed financial discipline and immense self motivation, drive, skill and expertise and various departments to meet the coming challenges head on.

NEELAM GROUP is now also into specialized applications like anchoring of reinforcements in rock strata, epoxy floorings etc.

The NEELAM GROUP has added the range of Safety Products, Hand Tools, and Building Materials required for Construction Industry as it major thrust for future growth. The group now deals in as many as 1500 plus products.

From safety helmets to cover-all’s, from maintenance sprays, spray paints, lubricants and multi-purpose sprays, from repair kits to so many different products. The list is endless; the association with reputed companies keeps on growing.

This is what makes the NEELAM GROUP different. Always ready to meet challenges, overcoming every obstacles and forging ahead with full speed.




Name of the firm:
Year established: 1972

Nagindas Chambers
Dhebar Road One Way
Near Syndicate Bank
RAJKOT 360001

Phones: +91 281 2226517, 2235056


Akbarali A. Bharmal – +91 9898225252
Mustafa (Suhail) A. Bharmal – + 91 9825885433


Bank Details:
BANK A/C NO. 71503050000032
A/c. Type : Current

Number of employees: 16
Number of workers: 24



2. Indian Rayon & Industries Ltd; Veraval
3. Saurashtra Chemicals Ltd; Porbandar
4. Ultra Tech Cement Ltd; Rajula
5. VVP Engineering College, Rajkot
6. Maharaja Shree Bhagwatsinhji Arts & Commerce College, Gondal
7. Crystal Indus & Logistics Park, Bavla
8. The One World project, Rajkot
9. Nexus Udayat project, Rajkot
10. The Infinity Towers, Rajkot
11. The President Towers, Rajkot
12. Fortune Serenity project, Rajkot
13. The Windsor Garden, Rajkot
14. The Victoria Garden, Rajkot
15. The Garden City campus, Rajkot
16. The Leo Resorts & Hotels, Junagadh
17. The Sky Garden project, Rajkot
18. The Urban Lifestyle project, Rajkot
19. Rajkot Commodity Exchange, Rajkot

And many many other projects all through the 49 years in the waterproofing business.

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