Tarfelt – LM


  • Water based product, cleaner technology, non toxic.
  • Easy to apply by brush / roller.
  • Cold applied and hence does not require heating.
  • Excellent impermeable.
  • High crack bridging property.
  • Good flexibility and does not crack on aging.
  • Allow it to dry till it becomes tacky.
  • Apply the first coat of TarFelt LM by brush / roller / spray on primed surface.
  • Coverage shall depend on application and surface finish. Please refer Product . Literature.
  • For trafficable area, protect TarFelt LM with screed / tiles / china mosaic.
  • Allow the first coat to dry with the fiber / mat spread as above.
  • Apply second coat of TarFelt LM and saturate the reinforcement totally.


TarFelt LM is a single component, water based elastomeric polymerized bituminous emulsion with selected graded fine fillers and some additives TarFelt LM is applied by brush / roller without any use of heat. TarFelt LM forms a tough, elastomeric, monolithic, seamless water proofing membrane. For non-trafficable roofs, TarFelt LM may be coated with SuperSilverShield (aluminium finish) or with ShaliCryl 215 providing desired colours for aesthetic look or simply by sprinkling sand. For Trafficable roofs / areas, TarFelt LM shall be protected with screed / tiles / china mosaic. TarFelt LM +, in addition to properties of TarFelt LM, provides insulation.


  • Renovation of old aged hessian based membrane by applying TarFelt LM over the cleaned surface without removing such old aged membrane.
  • Waterproofing of corrugated metal / asbestos sheets and other difficult geometrical shapes.
  • Water proofing of roof, balconies, planters, swimming pools, roof gardens, terraces, parking area, and water reservoir.
  • Facade damp proofing

Health & Safety

  • Use mask, nose cover and hand gloves during application.
  • Clean hands with soap water after application.


Available in 20 kg pack.


Store in a cool dry place, under shed, away from heat.

Shelf Life

1 year in original unopened sealed condition.

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