Super Flash Strip

Application Methodology

  • Surface must be dry, compact, clean and free of loose particles and impurities; if the application surface area is porous, SuperFlashStrip® should be applied after a coat of ShaliPrime APP.
  • Choose the most suitable width of SuperFlashStrip®.
  • Unroll the tape until the desired length is reached.
  • Remove the silicon released film and position the tape on the dry surface.
  • Press with a roller or a cloth pad.
  • In case of overlapping, the minimal overlapping width should be 10 mm.
  • The best application temperature is above 5o C.
  • Do not apply when it is raining, freezing or snowing.

Health & Safety

  • Non hazardous for normal use
  • Use goggles and hand gloves during application.
  • Clean hands with warm soap water after application.

Application Methodology

  • For sealing : frames and skylights, parapets, glass and plastic structure.
  • For protecting : metal, plastic, asbestos cement, roofs and coverings in general.
  • For repairing : tiles, gutters, metal pipes, metal plate or asbestos cement roofs.


  • Easy to fix and compatible with most building material.
  • No special tools required; only a sharp knife / scissors and a roller / cloth pad is enough.
  • It does not require any torching and hence is suitable for use in all conditions.
  • Cold applied, doesn’t require heat or chemical bonding agents.
  • Specially trained personnel are not required for application.
  • Withstands climatic changes.
  • Simple and quick application. Saves time and cost.


Rolls are individually shrink wrapped and placed in cartons. Standard length of each roll is 10 Mtr, with width of 50 mm (2”) / 100 mm (4”) and thickness of 1.5 mm.


Keep in cool dry place under the shed away from heat with atmospheric temperature ranging between +5 oC and +40 oC.

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