Super Silver Shield

Health & Safety

  • ShaliMastic® HD / LC is inflammable.
  • Use goggles and hand gloves during application.
  • Clean hands with Isopropyl alcohol followed by warm soap water after application.


Available in 26 Kgs and 260 Kgs containers.


Keep in cool and dry place under shed away from heat. Keep lid of container closed tightly when not in use.


  • Cold applied liquid product
  • Protection for buried / submerged surface or equipment.
  • Coating interior / exterior surfaces of metal or concrete tanks, culverts, steel pilings, filter screens, sluice gates, tank bases, trestles etc.
  • Coating of interior / exterior of barges and under-water structures.


  • Unaffected by marine organisms, soil chemicals and soil bacteria.
  • Highly resistant to corrosive attacks of sea water and alkalis.
  • Retains its pliability over a wide range of temperatures.
  • Provides an abrasion resistant tough coat which is 5-8 times thicker than a coat of ordinary conventional anti-corrosive coatings.
  • Provides a void-less, joint-less continuous film capable of taking expansions and contractions without cracking.
  • Acts as an excellent water repellent coating even under severe corrosive conditions.

Application Methodology

  • The base metal is thoroughly cleaned either by sand blasting, wire brushing or by any other means.
  • Before application, ensure that surface is totally dry and free from moisture, oil, grease, mill scale, rust or any other foreign particles.
  • A coat of Jet Set® Primer Type A is recommended before application for better performance. The primer must be hard dry before application of ShaliMastic® HD / LC.
  • ShaliMastic® HD / LC, being a thixotropic material, has to be stirred properly first. It is then applied using a brush. Two coats are recommended for concrete and three coats for metallic surfaces.
  • ShaliMastic®-HD should not be applied over shop-coating (particularly red oxide coating).
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