ShaliKote® T-10 / ShaliKote® T-10A is recommended for waterproofing of leaky walls / surfaces or places where heating of bitumen is not desirable or prohibited.


ShaliKote® T-10 gives a coating, which, when set, is impermeable to water and remains unaffected by attacks of industrial fumes, saline atmosphere, etc. It resists low temperature cracking and also does not crack under the influence of strong sunlight.
ShaliKote® T-10A has smoother finish and better flow as compared to ShaliKote® T-10

Application Methodology

  • Wire brush and clean the surface thoroughly to remove all dirt and loose particles.
  • Dilute ShaliKote® T-10 from its pasty consistency to light consistency by adding water in the ratio of 1:1. Apply this diluted material on the roof surface as primer. No dilution should be done in case of ShaliKote® T-10A.
  • When the primed surface is dry and has turned black from its original brown colour, apply ShaliKote® T-10 and allow the emulsion to break. It will turn black from its original brownish colour
  • When the emulsion has set in, spread coarse sand or crushed stone chips over the surface.

Health & Safety

  • Lid of the container should be firmly fixed, when not in use.
  • Use goggles and hand gloves during application
  • Clean hands with water after application.


ShaliKote® T-10 / ShaliKote® T-10A is available in 20 kg and 200 kg drums.


Keep in cool and dry place in air tight containers under shed away from heat.

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