Injection Grouting.

Injection Grouting is one of the methods for waterproofing, especially used in basements/underground structure, water tanks, sumps, tunnels, culverts etc. These are basically used for strengthening the concrete structures and/or for the purpose of sealing voids and cracks, to prevent water seepages. If done properly and systematically, this can solve the toughest problems. Injection Grouting is done with variety of product options available and the choice of the product has to be done judiciously. The product options are:

  • For Cementitious injection grouting jobs, an admixture for cement or ready made grouting compounds are available, for non-shrink, anti-washout, high strength grouting.
  • For Epoxy Grouting, low viscosity liquid designed to penetrate into the crevices and porosity of concrete and swells in contact of water to form a strong water-tight matrix kind of products are available. These are very reliable, though expensive.
  • The latest innovation is the Injections of Polyurethane in concrete structures for complete sealing of cracks and joints, and for the waterproofing of underground and overhead structures. The distinct advantage of Polyurethane products is that they are water soluble, and, can be applied against force of water. This gives it a tremendous advantage over all other products. It can guarantee a water tight solution for heavily leaking concrete structures like overhead and underground water tanks/sumps etc. Polyurethane products – chemicals and foams – are very reliable for its efficacy, especially for sealing cracks – both ‘moving and non-moving cracks’.

We at NEELAM can offer you solutions for any waterproofing problems, in manner of supply of materials, guidance and expertise, and in undertaking turn-key jobs with guarantee.

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