Road Delineator

Road Delineator

Art : 301(A) & 301(B)
Direction : Two way Acrylic Prismatic Reflector
Color : Red,White or Yellow combination.
Height Available:750mm, 1000mm, 1200mm
Body Material : MS Alloy
Minimum Order : 100 Pcs

Traffic Delineator

Product Code :- 302
Size of reflective strip: 3 HIP reflective strips rounded in different color
Net/Zali : 200 mm
Outer Dia : 48 mm
Height : 750mm,1000mm & 1200mm Minimum Order : 100 Pcs

Metal Delineator

Product Code :- 303 (A) & 303 (B)
Reflector Delineator : 303(A) & 303(B)
Direction: Two way Reflector metal body
Color: Orange and white combination
Height: 1000mm
Minimum Order : 100 Pcs

Metal Bollard

The bollard consists of One Plastics Square Plate, one MS Round Plate and one message plate fitted on 1825mm MS Pipe dia 63mm duly powder coated. Plastic plate size 405mm x 405mm is fitted with nine reflectors made of PMMMA of 100mm dia, welded ultrasonically on Plastic Plate. MS round Plate of 405mm dia. is fitterd below the square plate on the MS pipe with the clamps. HP grade reflective tape in blue color is pasted on the rouns plate with directional arrow in white color. MS plate of 305 mm x 75mm is fitted below the round plate for messages.

Rigid Delineator

Product Details:
Code : ARD – DS : (Double Side delineator with both side Sheeting)
ARD – SS : (Single side delineator with single side Sheeting)
Products Specification :
Refliction Area : 300 Sq.Cms
Height : 1200 mm
Width : 110 mm x 34 mm

Flap Delineator

Product Details:
Code : AXN – FD
Size : 225 W X 155 L X 50 H (MM)

Metal Delineator

Product Details:
Code : AXN-MD

Barricade Tape

• Lightweight
• Excellent elasticity
• Flawless finish

3″ Width Red White Color (Caution)
Tape (100 Mtr Roll)
3″ Width Red White Color (Caution)
Tape (200 Mtr Roll)

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