WD – 40 Lubricants, Degreasers & Rust Removal Products.

2,000+ uses


(1) Displaces Moisture.

WD-40 is formulated for ultra-high surface attraction to metal. It completely covers surfaces, including microscopic irregularities, even in the presence of moisture. In fact, WD-40 goes under the surface moisture and establishes a protective barrier between the moisture and parent metal. WD-40 is a non-conductor of electricity and quickly eliminates moisture-induced short circuit. WD-40 displaces moisture in everything from ignition systems to electrical components such as motors, engines, battery cables, terminals, spark plugs etc.

(2) Penetrates.

WD-40’s ultra-high surface attraction results in a super penetrating action that loosens rust-to-metal bonds and frees stuck, frozen, or rusted metal parts. The lubricating properties of WD-40 then keep these parts working freely. WD-40 penetrates and loosens frozen and rusted nuts and bolts, locks and latches.

(3) Protects.

WD-40 deposits corrosion-resistant ingredients over the entire surface area including microscopic irregularities. This protective barrier shields against moisture and other corrosive elements. WD-40’s moisture-displacement capability also precludes the possibility of a small moisture pocket cause future problems. WD-40 prevents corrosion on hinges and roller bearing. High-tension circuits, linkages and fight controls, speed brake rams and wing interiors.

(4) Cleans.

WD-40’s ultra-high surface attraction enables it to get under dirt, grime, caked grease and oil to clean the surface at the same time forms a corrosion-resistant barrier. It also dissolves most adhesives, allowing for the easy removal of labels and excess bonding materials. WD-40 not only cleans gun’s barrel and weapon’s part. It also protects them from corrosion. It cleans grease, grime and corrosion on battery cables and terminals, spark plugs, chains, brakes cables and sticky throttles. WD-40 cleans outflow valves and wheel wells. WD-40 cleans oil and grease of tools and machinery. WD-40 cleans and lubricates gears and chains on forklift, overhead cranes, rotor tillers and mixers.

(5) Lubricates.

WD-40’s ultra-high surface attraction assures its lubricating ingredients in WD-40 will be widely dispersed and tenaciously held to all moving parts. WD-40 contains no silicone or other additives that attract dust and dirt causing a buildup of gummy, greasy residue. WD-40 provides excellent lubrication for rear shocks, from struts and ball joints. WD-40 lubricates door hinges, seat tracks, cowl hold open rods and roller switches. WD-40 lubricates all moving parts.

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