Bosny Leak Sealer

Spray is a rubber coating formulated to seal leaks and cracks in all area including roofs, gutters, flashings, concrete, mansory, chimneys, pipe joints, roof vents, sky lights, and etc.
It can adhere to plastic, metal, stainless steel, aluminum, wood, glass, galvanized steel, concrete, PVC, fiberglass, and other various surfaces. The dried film is elastic, tough, and water-proof which seals out
water and moisture. Fast Drying in 30 minutes.


For best results, the paint film should be allow to dry at least 24 hours to achieve maximum strength.

Directions for Use :
1.Surface should be clean from grease wax, moisture,etc.
2.Shake well before using. Allows 2-3 minutes for second coat.

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